A Soldier’s Sacrifice, Remember

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For the past few days we’ve been sharing some of the touching stories we’ve received.  There are so many stories of people who have overcome adversity, stood firm in their commitment to one another, and served each other and their communities.

I can think of few examples that better exemplify service and sacrifice than the men and women who served in the armed services.  Typically, we think of the war wounds when we think about their sacrifice, but in reading over 300 entries from the people who served I found a common thread that  they all shared. It’s something I too often take for granted. They all sacrifice time with their loved ones. Other than a physical life, time one thing in life that we cannot recover once it’s gone.  These men and women are separated from their family and fiances for months at a time.  Often due to base transfers, unmarried couples can find themselves hundreds of miles apart even when the soldier or sailor is not deployed. And in the case of deployment, it can be very difficult to plan a wedding.

And then of course there were the stories of wounded warriors coming home with disabilities. In one case the soldier miraculously survived a round that went through his helmet but missed his head. There were simply too many stories to pick just one to share.  So instead of sharing any particular story I would like you to join me in remembering all of the men and women who sacrifice their time, and so often much more for us.

About two years ago my friend, Ron White, decided he wanted to do something special to remember those who fell in Afghanistan. So he set out to remember the  thousands of names and ranks of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  To raise awareness, he would set up memory wall, and would then write, from memory each name and rank.

I remember talking to Ron one day and he said one of the songs he listens to as motivation while working on the wall is “I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice. It’s the song most mentioned by entrants who were engaged to deployed soldiers, and thus, I’m posting it below so we can all stop and remember.

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