Dream Wedding Stories (Part 2)

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“In Sickness and in Health”

Kristy’s Story

My fiance (Toby) and I met on match.com over a year ago. From the moment we met we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. He is active duty military (16 years of service) and I am an archaeologist, currently getting by as an office manager at a construction company. I grew up in the military moving around all the time and he’s a county boy from New Orleans. Never have I met someone so interesting and loving. He is my perfect man and I cannot wait to marry him. We have quite a future to look forward to together. He has 4 years left until he can retire from the Air Force and I am working on a Master’s degree. We want to build a cabin in Alaska, raise 2 kids, and live a life filled with love and happiness.Polycystic Kidney Disease We, however, face a hardship. Toby has autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. This is a genetic disease that causes an uncontrollable amount of cysts to grow in the kidneys. His mother and all 3 of his sisters have it and there’s a 50% chance that our children will have it. Toby’s latest CT scan shows hundreds of cysts in both of his kidneys and some starting to grow in his liver. He will eventually go into renal failure and be put on the transplant list. We try not to dwell on it but there’s always reminders that it’s there. He has high blood pressure, chronic pain, blood in his urine, and kidney stones. Most recently a kidney stone causes a cyst to burst. He spent a week in the hospital. I feel that we deserve to have this dream wedding. Toby has worked so hard to provide us with stability. He doesn’t show it, but I know that he’s scared that he will leave us one day with financial burden due to his disease. With that looming over our heads and my education cost we won’t be able to have the wedding we want on our own. Life for us is going to be unpredictable. I want to be able to have the perfect wedding where we can focus on our love and not whats on the road ahead of us. Please consider us for the dream wedding and visit the website below to learn more about polycystic kidney disease.


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