Wedding Expert Series; Choosing a Wedding Photographer

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Welcome to our “Wedding Expert Series”.  These videos are designed to help you navigate through the maze of wedding planning so you don’t have to stress in the days and months leading up to your special day. In today’s interview, I speak with Rolling Stone celebrity photographer, Allen Clark. Allen is one of the most sought after, photographers in the world. He’s photographed a who’s who list of VIP’s, including a number of presidents. In fact, he discusses one of his presidential photo shoots in the interview.

In this video he talks about how to find a quality wedding photographer, even when you are on a limited budget. He discusses the different styles of photography and some of the ways photographers price their packages. Without giving away too many details I think the best way summarize his message is that when searching for a wedding photographer, regardless of budget you need to be focused more on the “value” you will be getting as opposed to the “price” you pay.

In fact, when planning a wedding I suggest you remove the word “price” from your vocabulary and replace it with the word “investment”. Then, after you set your budget, you simply prioritize where you want to invest.

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